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Baby Pools

Baby Pools

Why swimming is very good for baby? According to survey of experts, when baby swimming, ligaments muscles get exercise, mental relaxation, a sense of excitement, stimulation of peripheral motion feedback to the cerebral cortex, it has a good effect on brain development. Babies are often swim and frolic in the water, their nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system develops more superior than other children. In addition, an effect also on the child’s personality, motoric coordination and intelligence level also increased significantly.

Must often go to the pool certainly waste a lot of time, let’s immediately buy Inflatable Swimming Pool Package with Air Pump, which is consists of:

1X Baby Pool
1X Baby buoy
1X boat pool
1X Electric Water Pump
1X Gift pack (water temperature card, pasta ears, toy, navel pasta)

Material: High-density PVC plastic


Outside: 110cm X 95cm X 70cm, the internal space: 80cm * 55cm * 65cm

This baby pool suitable for children aged less than three years.

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