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Baby Shopping Cart Hammocks – Easy Way to Carrying Baby when Shopping

Carrying baby when Shopping at the supermarket is no longer a problem Mom … even if you have twins. Now comes The Baby Shopping Cart Hammock, which makes you go shopping comfortably with your child.

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What are the advantages of this Hammock Binxy Baby Shopping Cart :

1. Easy to carry anywhere, it can be folded into very small, simply rolls up to fit in your purse or diaper bag when finished.

2. How to use the easy and fast. This comfy cart hammock quickly and easily clips onto most carts. For use on standard size, metal and plastic shopping carts 20-24 inches wide.

3. Made from a strong and comfortable material that is 97% Cotton, so The Shopping Cart Hammock can holds up to 50 pounds your baby weight.

4. In addition to comfortable to use carrying baby while shopping, this product can be used with an infant car seat.

5. Accompanied by safety strap, so this hammocks shopping cart meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards.

6. Suitable for boys and girls, even twins. Product can be used from birth until a child can sit upright unassisted.

7. Easy maintenance for this product, just toss it in the wash on cold and lay it flat to dry.

But there are other things to note about this great product :

1. Due to the taper of shopping carts, the Hammock only fits carts facing one direction.

2. Never leave child unattended. Although this product is safe for babies with safety traps, but still be aware in keeping your beloved baby.

Grab it fast Mom … let’s soon have The Baby Shopping Cart Hammock and take the baby shopping everywhere … so you can have fun together without having to tired carrying him.

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