Best Baby Bottles

best baby bottles

Being a new parent would be so excited and needed a good preparation. When wife became pregnant, immediately making baby checklist, what should be prepared for the birth later. And one advice for new parents, a baby is a gift and miracle from God. Because not all couples was trusted to get a child. Therefore, given all the best for the beloved baby.

One from newborn baby checklist is bottles and equipment, including bottle sterilizer. Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Essential is a complete set of baby bottles supplies, including 2 pcs 9 ounce bottles and 2 pcs 4 ounce bottles, Bottle brush, formula dispenser, pacifier, trainer cup, express microwave sterilizer. Simply buy a package is just for all purposes of your baby’s bottle.

Why should choose Philips AVENT Classic Polypropylene BPA Free Essentials Gift Set?

1. Philip Avent bottle sterilizer is lightweight and compact, the express microwave sterilizer saves time by sterilizing Classic six 9-ounce bottles, or twin AVENT breast pump parts and two bottles Classic, in just two minutes.
2. BPA-Free Bottles Clinically Proven to Reduce Colic baby
3. Bottle-to-first-cup Trainer Adapts to Your Baby’s Changing Needs
4. Travel Dispenser for On-the-Go Feeding. This kit includes a Sturdy plastic milk powder dispenser. The dispenser holds up to three pre-Measured servings of milk powder / formula and has a stay-in-place lid for easy travel.

Essentials Gift Set is a complete bottle of baby equipment for new parents. Besides good for your own use, and it is suitable also for baby gifts for friends or families.

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