Bounchers for Babies

Bounchers for Babies

It is the only infant seat that actually bounces itself. The bouncer has a unique technology that provides 30 minutes of smooth, consistent bounce that mimics the natural movement of the Mother for times when Mom had her hands full. Baby was sitting hugging with premium quality fabric, 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds, gentle heartbeat rhythm, your baby will feel comfortable and entertained. The bouncer is backed by our exclusive HybriDrive technology to improve energy efficiency, and requires 2 x batteries when compared to the usual.

This is one review from buyers who are very satisfied with the quality products:

This The bouncer is the best! Used from newborn babies up to when I started trying to sit up. Automatic bounce worried me at first that it would be too much movement in 3 days old baby, but perfect to soothe him to sleep (he was 8 pounds baby). Still gives enough bounce until he is old enough to get it to pick ourselves up. Toy bar is not much I use. And the only setting I have ever used that bounce and music. Heart rate setting is very similar to the bouncing. Babies are always entertained and soothed by this chair, which is what makes washing dishes or folding clothes maybe for the first 2 months. I highly recommend using this chair seat than other babies!

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