Electric Cars for Kids

Electric Cars for Kids

Every parent wants the best toys for their children. One of the most interesting toys kids are the real cars that can be driven. Yes, electric cars for kids is the best for them.

The Barbie Corvette is a car with Barbie colors and graphics, has two speeds: 6mph (and 3mph) forward, 3 mph reverse. Car with a 12 volt battery has a cool feature, sporty, realistic styling and detail the same as new, real 2013 Corvette. It features comfortable seating single, sporty chrome wheels, headlight lenses are clear and open hood. Really perfect Barbie car.

Seventh Generation Corvette is an amazing machine has the aesthetic impact and performance prowess worthy Stingray emblem. Everyone knows that Barbie travels in style and now, Fisher-Price Power Wheels brings this highly acclaimed version of the car that definitely lives up to its standards. It has all the styling of a real Corvette. Powered by the fastest Power Wheels vehicle in line, reaching speeds up to 6 mph.

Recommended age: 36 months – 8 years and drives on hard surfaces and grass. This electric cars has the Power Lock brakes. Your daughters will be happy playing with this amazing cars.

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