Power Wheels 4 Wheeler

power wheels 4 wheeler

Each child certainly felt so glad when able to drive his own car. No wonder if all the cars in the game mall or public place is definitely queued for play driving. Instead of having a long queue, wasting a lot of time, preferably immediately buy power wheels 4 wheeler to please your child.

One is the Power Wheels Ford F-150, a toy car designed to look like a Ford F-150 pick-up truck. This car has power wheels 4-wheeler is ready for off-road adventures! Designed with a large, rugged tires, an “engine” under the hood and roomy truck bed tonneau cover gently. Single pedal operation with forward speed from 3-1/2 to 6 mph and reverse speed of 3-1/2 mph maximum. Recommended for hard surfaces and grass. 6V rechargeable super system included. Assembly is required. Maximum weight: 65 lbs.

An imported product. I believe every parent wants to make their children smile and be happy.

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