Toddler Playhouse with Slide

Toddler Playhouse with Slide

Toddler Playhouse with Slide

Give the happiness to your children with a toddler playhouse with slide. This activities play set is very safe and fun with friends or relatives.

Childhood is the wonderful memory and unfortunately can not be repeated. For we are satisfied to play when we were child, please be happy. Because there are many children who might not be able to enjoy a happy childhood. For example starving children in Africa. Really pity.

The Healthy Toddlers are marked with a lot of moving, running here and there, want to know a lot of things, and also looking for fun activities for them to enjoy.

This Toddler Playhouse with slide will answer all your child’s wishes and imagination, because This activity playset designed for the satisfaction of your child to play.

The advantages of this playhouse are :

– It is a huge and Sturdy playset, size: 70 x 137 x 91 1/2 ”
– The Playhouse will make your child busy playing with his friends
– The Playhouse has Two slides for energetic fun
– Adventure on Bridge connects to look-out tower is very enjoyable
– The Playhouse has Dual windows, skylights and rotating steering wheel
– Climbing ladder and sure grip hand rails assists young climbers
– Toddlers will be happy to crawl through the tunnel, and the Hide-out area underneath
– The Playhouse materials are sturdy and safe for children
– The color of playhouse is very fresh and the kids love it

Recommendations from the factory, it should be used when the child is able to walk, ages 2 years until 6 years.

Max total weight is 240lbs for all children on it.

Reviews from buyers about toddler playhouse with slide are :

• As much as 72% of all buyers give 5 stars, and as much as 17% of them give 4 stars as a form of satisfaction and positive reviews. Material of playhouse made of strong plastic and the children are very happy to play there. Really nice of playhouse product.
• Only about 11% buyer provides reviews are not satisfied, it is because :

– They hate the directions, the gray scale directions as less clear installation instructions, making buyers confused how to install.
– The slide too short about 3 feet long, but I think this playhouse is suitable for toddlers.

All products definitely has its advantages and disadvantages, however, if 89% of buyers said they were satisfied, this playhouse should include the best product when compared to other brands.

Soon have toddler playhouse with slide in your backyard, sure children are very happy to enjoy it.

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